We have some rules here! Why? We have to keep safe the LifeBoat Wikia for everyone!


LifeBoat has some rules to keep the servers safe for everybody!

  • Please DO NOT use inappropriate language
    • Doing so will ban what you wrote, replacing with message: "Blocked by chat filter"
  • Do not give out personal information
    • Do not give out your LifeBoat Password
      • Doing so will ban the written text saying "Giving out your password is a bad idea!"
    • Do not give out your age, school, or anything else!
  • Be nice and fair
  • No hacking or anthing else


Failure to follow these rules will get your LifeBoat account bannded!

Edit Rules

We need to keep the LifeBoat Wikia safe, so there are some edit rules:

  • Do not use inappropriate content on our wiki
  • No sharing any personal info.
    • This is not a chatting place, it is a wiki.
  • Editing the pages cannot have:
    • Content that has nonthing deling with that topic
    • Cheat Codes
    • Any other non needing stuff


Failure to follow these rules will end up with you bandded for 1 day!

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